Friday, 1 July 2016

True Blood: Burning Down the House

"You were the best part of my life..."

A lot of things are upended in an episode which sees Tommy's tragic ebbing away with Sam at his side while everything starts to gear up for the season finale.

But first we have all the chaos and confusion as Antonia/Marcie attacks Bill's reconciliation event. One early consequence is Sookie zapping Eric with her powers, causing his memories to come back; that's goodbye to the innocent Eric of recent episodes. The question of whether he loves her as much hangs in the air. It's a nicely simmering will-they-won't-they dynamic.

Jessica is having a hard time of it; she dumped Hoyt for him but Jason is not only siding with his friend but wants her to glamour away his feelings for her. Ouch. It's not a good day for Nan Flanagan either as Bill tells her flatly that she's no longer in charge. Politics again.

Eric insists he still loves Sookie, but she's unsure. He's less reassuring to Pam, his own offspring, which seems ominous. So does Bill's determination to confront Antonia, even if this means the death of Tara and all other hostages. Bill is slowly becoming less and less likeable and I think this is deliberate. He's no longer the romantic lead, a brave move.

There's hope, though, as Terry helps Andy to kick his V addiction. There's also shock, as Antonia and Marcie clash: Marnie is horrified by what they've done. It's Marnie who's the true monster. 

Things are at fever pitch as we end the episode about to start the final confrontation. This excellent season is nearing its end...

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