Friday, 1 July 2016

True Blood: And When I Die

"Dude! I'm dead, you're a medium; I'll always be with you."

An ominous finale; we know someone is going to die and by the iron laws of drama it has to be Jesus. Still, his name is an obvious Christ metaphor and it seems, in a sense, he will always be with Lafayette.

Nelsan Ellis is superb playing a Lafayette possessed by Marnie- something foreshadowed by Mavis earlier in the season. Clever. Jason confesses to Hoyt about him and Jessica, thereby destroying their friendship. Terry is visited by his old sergeant from Iraq- something for next season- and Marnie is going to burn Bill and Eric at the stake, which is nice. 

And then, just to make a dramatic finale, the dead rise, including Antonia and, shockingly, Adele. Sookie is, obviously, emotional. More sinisterly, Rene (as Rene, with a Cajun accent) returns to Arlene to warn her of "that man", Terry. More foreshadowing.

Most unexpected is the outcome of Sookie's love triangle; after much tension, she dumps both Bill and Eric. Blimey. It's a downbeat episode, with a seemingly downbeat take on a Buddhist theme that life is suffering and that true death, oblivion, is the only release. Cheerful stuff.

Marnie ultimately dies, as she herself predicts, and we get to wrap up. Jadon has sex with a Jessica dressed like Red Riding Hood, and the cliffhangers end the season: Steve Newlin is at Jason's door- and he's a vampire! Alcide finds out that Russell Edgington is loose again! And, in the final shot, Debbie shoots Tara. It looks as though she's dead...?

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