Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Date Movie (2006)

"In fact, growing up on a farm, I once milked a cat."

Here we have one of Aaron Seltzer's many spoof movies, this time spoofing romantic comedies such as Meet the Parents. Like most of them, it's humour isn't particularly witty but it's amusing enough and Alyson Hannigan, always brilliant at comedy, is outstanding. Possibly more so than the material deserves.

Still, it's an amusing way to spend a couple of hours, much as I was never going to get many of the references. It's the signature Scary Movie style of humour, and at least this time it isn't doing a dumb spoof of what was already a comedy of a much wittier kind, as that film was.

Oh, and it may not have been as geek-friendly as, say, Superhero Movie, but I loved the honeymoon on Kong Island...

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