Wednesday, 6 July 2016

True Blood: We'll Meet Again

"The man who wrote [the Vampire Bible] was high the whole time.."

At last Pam reluctantly steps up to be a maker/mother to Tara, in her usual comically curmudgeonly fashion- it's been obvious that she would for some time. Meanwhile, Bill and Eric are still loose, albeit under pressure to find Russell Edgington, while Nora is still being tortured.

Sookie finally confesses to Jason about Tara- and killing Debbie; thankfully he's quite sensible, and Andy is amenable to a little clamouring from Jessica. Oddly enough, Jason is actually quite a good cop. Lafayette starts to explore his powers as a magician while Patrick and Terry head to South Dakota to track down the arson suspect, their former comrade who was with them when they shot civilians in Iraq.

I love seeing Sookie getting pissed on vodka; Anna Paquin plays this brilliantly. Andy and Jason are also partying, courtesy of a corrupt judge, except this is an invisible club- run by fairies. And Andy sees and shags Maurella again! Isn't he supposed to be going steady with Holly? Tsk.

There's more bad news for Sam as his shifter friends are murdered, while Terry and Patrick find themselves at gunpoint. A drinker Sookie has a bit of a fumble with Alcide, with Bill and Eric watching. But it's Jason, in the club, who gets the big revelation: his and Sookie's parents were murdersd by a vampire...

The emotional heart of it all, though, is when Eric, on the run, lovingly releases Pam to protect her, approving of the fact that she is now maker to Tara, his "granddaughter". These are surprisingly moving scenes.

More excellent stuff. I'm enjoying this.. 

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