Wednesday, 20 July 2016

iZombie: Dead Air

"Oh, it's a zombie thing. You wouldn't understand."

This episode is as much about Liv's flourishing relationship with Lowell- we open, in a classic piece of misdirection, with what looks like an orgasm but is in fact him massaging her feet- as it is about the excellent murder mystery of who killed a radio sex talk presenter, but it's excellent. Bonus points for Liv eating the brains of a sex expert, which does her sex life no harm at all...

But we also see the fallout from last week; Major's concern for the street kids is tearing his life apart and ruining his career, and he's convinced (correctly, as we know) that there's been a cover-up.

Liv's new brain is not from a very nice person and, for the first time, she says things that really upset Ravi. 

We end with the mystery resolved, alongside an entertaining on-air meltdown, and the stirrings of possible romance between Peyton and Ravi. Unfortunately, we also end with an alarming vision for Liv and Ravi being bitten by the zombie rat...

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