Tuesday, 5 July 2016

True Blood: Authority Always Wins

"Can I just say... before you became a vampire you were a massive dick."

I love the fact that an amused Pam just nuggets off and leaves Sookie and Lafayette to deal with the newly undead Tara; she's really shining as a character this season, and a lot of this also has to do with the flashbacks to 1905 Sam Francisco where Pam, as a brothel madam, first encounters Eric. I suspect that the theme here is what it means to turn someone, to become a maker/parent, and that Pam has a long journey ahead of her which will culminate in her learning to love and cherish Tara. But that's for later.

In other news, Luna snaps at Sam while Eric, Bill and our new friend Nora are interrogated by the stooges of the Authority in New Orleans. At last we begin to see what the fabled Authority is like. Steve Newlin, wonderfully, has replaced Nan Flanagan as the TV face of vampires.

We also learn of vampire mythology, courtesy of their Bible; God, it seems, was a vampire, and his first creation was a vampire, the mythical Lilith. Humans exist only as cattle. And yes, vampires have their fundamentalists. Nora is said to be one, which is interesting. The Authority does not approve.

Terry and his war mate head off to further their sub-plot, Tara is most displeased to find herself a vampire, but what loons largest is the Authority. We even see the Chancellors in session with their boss, Roman, a great believer in mainstreaming. Bill offers them Russell Edginton in a desperate attempt to save his and Eric's lives, and the last thing we see is Russell himself...

A superb and tantalising episode, then, in which things begin to take shape...

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