Monday, 18 July 2016

iZombie: Virtual Reality Bites

"Well, I had to escape the chilly, wet, depressing London weather. So, Seattle, naturally."

That quote only narrowly beat "Nice shag". Anyway...

This week's murderer victim is a right nasty piece of work, an online troll called the "Sim Reaper", and he so deserved his fiendishly clever nut allergy-related death at the hands of the brother of a girl he drove to suicide. It's an entertaining murder mystery, as always, and in the end a rather poignant one. It also involves an online role playing game (I prefer tabletop, preferably with dice, THAC0 and saving throws. I'm old school like that) which enables Ravi and Major to bond a bit.

Meanwhile, Liv starts to date Lowell but it's early days and rather awkward. Blaine (quelle surprise) is behind the kidnappings. And Liv's younger brother is at risk...

By this point I'm well and truly hooked.

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