Friday, 8 July 2016

True Blood: In the Beginning

"Join us!"

"Never, you Bible-banging cunts!"

Edgington, that hypocrite who has so recently burnished his atheistic principles,  is taking over at the Authority. As if we ever doubted it, he's clearly the season's Big Bad. 

Elsewhere, there are touching scenes between Sookie and Jason as he reassures her that she isn't responsible for their parents' deaths. Their relationship is rather lovely.

Andy visits Bud for some advice; long time, no see, but Bud seems distracted. You know his random appearance has to have some significance, though. Tara is visited by her horrible mother, and disowned. Poor Tara. But, of course, in the long run I suspect this is done to underline the fact that Pam is her mother now, and finally one who cares. Or will do.

Lafayette is off on his own shamanic subplot in Mexico while Edgington takes control of Marcus' old pack. Sookie tries to use up all her powers do she can lose them. And all the Authority have a massive drug trip where they see Lilith.  There's a murderous death orgy and Eric and Nora see Godric's disapproving ghost... 

Most of the characters are at quite a low ebb; must be mid-season then...

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