Sunday, 10 July 2016

True Blood: Somebody That I Used to Know

"And  first, may I say... God has the most beautiful tits I've ever seen..."

All our favourite vampire characters continue their drug-fuelled religious orgy of death and trippiness while Sam and Luna continue to deal with the presence of an anti-supe Ku Klux Klan. Eric is sceptical of his drug-addled visions. Bill, who is becoming less likeable with every passing episode, is not. Eric, at least, is not a religious fundamentalist and, unlike Russell Edgington, is not a hypocrite.

Sookie, meanwhile, is fed up with being a fairy, and it takes an intervention from Jason to stop her using all of her powers up forever. Alcide, training to challenge for the role of packmaster, is shagging his trainer. But mostly this episode examines our vampires. We get a flashback to Bill in 1910 as he refuses to make his dying daughter a vampire in spite of her pleas; what right has he to recuse? Bill is becoming both less likeable and, in spite of the interesting themes, less interesting.

Hoyt and his very right-wing mates are getting on rather well until, predictably, he's made to stake Jessica. This causes the expected change of heart and, with a bit of trickery, the two of them soon bugger off after a bit of drama. 

Sookie and Jadon get some help from Claude and their other fairy friends to reconstruct the deaths of their parents on that bridge and sure enough- it's a vampire who killed them, with Claudine then arriving to somehow get rid of it. It seems to have been called "Warlow"..,

Eric and Nora clash over what Godrc would have wanted as Pam helps Tara get some delightful revenge over a racist customer. Lafayette helps to bring Terry's subplot closer to its welcome conclusion while Russell Edgington and Steve Newlin bond over gay fantasies. Bill makes himself useful to the now Sanguinista-dominated Authority by suggesting the bombing of True Blood factories.

There's a lot of incident, yes, and Sookie's plotlines is fascinating but, well, this is the first episode where I've felt a definite sense of the plotlines not all being as entertaining; some are becoming tiresome. For the first time I'm thinking that perhaps True Blood may be a little past its best.

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