Thursday, 14 July 2016

True Blood: Save Yourself

"You're a dick!"

At last this season ends, but inconclusively. We begin with a swift resolution to the cliffhanger as Eric suddenly kills Russell Edgington, but the story arc doesn't quite end as the season climaxes with Bill seeming to merge with Lilith. Yes, we have the traditional setting up of the next season's plotlines- Andy's four new fairy daughters are delivered by Holly, of all people- but this is an uneven and unsteady finale.

There's a somewhat messy showdown during which Jason gets visions of his rather anti-vampire parents while kicking arse somewhat awesomely. Alcide finally kills J.D. and becomes leader of the pack. But mostly it's all about the messy downfall of the authority, following which Bill tricks and betrays Salome, whose death is sudden, like Edgington's.

It's an odd finale. Parts of it are satay img conclusions to arcs. Parts are intriguing set-up. But as a whole this is a finale uncomfortably lacking in coherence.

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