Friday, 8 July 2016

True Blood: Let's Boot and Rally

"New York City smells like pee. And the people are rude."

I love the opening scenes- Sookie vomiting before she's about to have interrupted sex with Alcide, and Lafayette enduring a bad trip, except that this is real magic of the Alan Moore kind. Religious angst; must be the Deep South.

Jason gets trippiness, too, spending most of the episode "seeing" and "hearing" the parents he now knows to have been murdered. Sookie, under the splendid influence of alcohol, is highly amused to see the alpha male fight between Bill and Alcide. And the Authority continues its purge against Sanguinistas.

It becomes clear what's persecuting Terry and his former unit; they shot an Iraqi woman in cold blood and were cursed to be persecuted by a demon called an "ifrit", a creature from Islamic mythology that I know mainly from Dungeons & Dragons.

Andy and Jason are investigating the murder of Sam's friends, and Andy confides to Jason that he naughtily cheated on Holly with a fairy, no less. But the sweetest scenes are of Tara slowly adjusting to life as a vampire. Less sweet by far is Luna being suddenly shot, with Emma fleeing as a wolf.

But the episode is mainly about the hunt for Russell Edgington; Bill and Eric are running out of time but, with the help of Sookie and Alcide, they find him. And are ambushed by his signature wolves...

An episode of plot, plot, plot, perhaps, but with plenty of humour and character along with the incident.

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