Tuesday, 5 July 2016

True Blood: Turn! Turn! Turn!

"There is dirt in my bra!"

So Tara's dead. Actually dead. There's absolutely no way that a distraught Sookie and Lafayette, in this season opener to a vampire-based series, can possibly save... oh. Cool.

Meanwhile Eric and Bill are both in trouble with the Authority, and duly caught by Nora, Eric's "sister" and also progeny of Godric. I suppose that, technically, their constant shagging of each other isn't actually incest...

Steve Newlin is indeed a vampire, which is a huge surprise, and a "gay vampire-American", which isn't. Nor is it particularly surprising that he has a thing for Jason, although unfortunately "the dog don't bite that way". Pam spends the whole episode being awesome.

Meanwhile Sam, Luna and Emma all have to leave as they're being pursued for the death of Matcus but, alas, it's too late. Andy has an embarrassing Facebook incident. And Alcide takes time to tell Sookie, at an inconvenient moment, that Russell Edgington is free. You can certainly tell that this is a season opener; stuff is happening and being set up all over the place.

In yet another plot thread, Terry's old sergeant explains that, of their whole unit, all of them have had house fires. Is the remaining veteran an arsonist? My bet's on something more supernatural. It seems Terry has a dark secret from Iraq. Is this what "Rene" was alluding to?

Jessica is living the party lifestyle without Bill- I love her rendition of "Cherry Bomb"- but her and Jason's relationship is very uncertain. A lot is in flux as we end this excellent episode with Tara's resurrection as a vampire...

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