Friday, 15 July 2016

iZombie: The Exterminator

"Devoid of compassion. Full of factoids."

This episode is interesting as it shows us a traditional, mindless zombie; this is the fate that awaits Liv if her supply of brains dries up. Nice. Meanwhile, Liv experiences the brain of a sociopathic hit man. Not that there's any other kind.

Again, this is a good murder mystery and, it must be said, the third brilliant episode in a row. Liv is fortunate to be devoid of empathy as she witnesses the fate of her friend Marcie, forever a mindless zombie, and has to kill her. It's a brutal reality check for her and for Ravi, tirelessly seeking a cure.

Meanwhile, homeless kids are going missing; it seems that. Rather than weaving a light set of season arcs through stories of the week, the series is rather more heavily arc-based. Good.

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