Thursday, 14 July 2016

True Blood: Gone, Gone, Gone

"Who's the smart one now?"

Bill's idea is bearing fruit; the lack of True Blood is already leading to an increase in vampire attacks on humans. Things are taking an increasingly apocalyptic tone as we approach the end of this rather uneven season.

The most heartbreaking event of the episode is that Hoyt is not only leaving for Alska but gets Jessica to glamour him so that he forgets her-his first love- and Jason- his lifelong best friend. This is the thematic centre of an episode about abrupt endings.

Eric is in deep trouble as the new Authority takes over, setting quotas for new vampires to be turned and menacing a splendidly incandescent Pam. But Bill has an agenda of his own, and it involves Lilith's blood. 

Jason, meanwhile, once again shows himself to be good at police type stuff by finding a mysterious old scroll in Sookie's house. The language seems utterly inscrutable, but this artifact is clearly important. 

Bill is getting increasingly creepy and fanatical, trying to push religion on to Jessica just as her dad did. He's a little less dull this episode because of the good handling of the mystery of his motives, but the character is nonetheless neither likeable or particularly interesting. We're all motivated here by our liking for Jessica.

Ominously, Russell Edgington has a plan to breed fairies so that vampires can "day walk"  Salome disagrees and there's a permanent schism between them; Russell never did have any true allegiance to religion. Interestingly, his accent turns German when he's emotional...

We end with Maurella appearing to Andy, pregnant, and explaining that he's agreed to raise her children. This is quite the bombshell, especially given his flourishing relationship with Holly. And that piece of vellum in Sookie's house turns out to be a contract from 1702 saying that the "first fae-bearing human heir" of one John Stackhouse belongs to someone called Warlow. And that would be Sookie...

Ok. I'm intrigued.

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