Tuesday, 26 July 2016

One-Eyed Monster (2008)

"Circumcise it to oblivion with an axe!"

It had to happen: a slasher movie where a bunch of people making a porn film (including a certain Ron Jeremy, who is apparently famous in that world) are slowly attacked and killed by, er, a disembodied penis. Yes, quite. I'm not exactly saying it's good, but the WTF factor keeps you watching to the end.

There's not much more to add in the sense of things I'd normally mention, really. I suppose I should say that Amber Benson off of Buffy, while ostensibly the star, doesn't get much to do, but that sort of comment feels irrelevant to a film like this.

We get Ron Jeremy dying because the alien steals his huge cock. We get a machine designed to simulate celebrity vaginas for the gentleman's pleasure. We get an old man who encountered such a floating homicidal or is in Vietnam. The black guy lives!

Er, yes. This film defies criticism, but it rewards your ghoulish curiosity by keeping you agog and incredulous. See what you think...

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