Wednesday, 20 July 2016

iZombie: Patriot Brains

"You'll eat human brains to get bigger muscles?"

"I'm open to that as an option!"

Things start rather badly for Liv and Lowell as she informs him that he's been subsisting on the brains of murdersd teenagers, a rather nifty metaphor for the unethical origins of what we all eat. This causes friction, as you imagine, but during the ensuing argument he admits he loves her. Oops.

The racket in said brains, and the linked police corruption, move surprisingly to the forefront here. Meanwhile, Blaine is as big a Nirvana fan as Oam (he references Fecal Matter) and is about to hear stuff that wasn't even on the Outcesticide bootlegs. Bastard. And yes, I realise how old I found to be mentioning bootlegs.

Anyway, we also have a murder of the week, and Liv duly eats the brains of the victim, a sniper and Afghanistan veteran. But the main focus is on the relationship between Liv and Lowell. Their reconciliation is quite heartwarming. Automatically we know that,  any time a couple couple in a TV drama reconcile after a recent row, one of them will die. We know it will be Lowell, him not being the title character, and sure enough- he's killed by Blaine as Liv bottles out of using her sniper skills to kill him.

Major has a bad time this week too, and thinks he's going mad, but the shock of Lowell'sdrath overshadows everything. Yes, iZombie is brilliant, all right.

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