Thursday, 30 June 2016

True Blood: Let's Get Out of Here

"Blame the witches. America's had no problem doing it in the past." 

We begin with both Alcide and Bill desperately trying to save Sookie; Eric is Antonia's bitch. Antonia is determined to wage all out war on vampires, and to do it at Bill's long-planned tolerance event; according to Nan Flanagan, cancelling is not an option.

But much of this episode consists of a possessed Lafayette, and the hostage situation with Arlene's baby, whose Damian-line tendencies were all to do with the ghost, Mavis. Meanwhile, Andy is taking V, Sookie is dreaming of Eric, pondering the fact she loves both him and Eric. What to do? She points out the gender double standards with polyamory, but where is this going?

Nelsan Ellis is outstanding as the Macis stand-off is resolved by a heroic Jesus; these are superb and emotional scenes. 

Sookie, with help from Debbie of all people, discovers that Tara and the others are all being held hostage by Antonia. And we get juxtaposed scenes of sex and death in artily directed and cut scenes; Sam cums inside Luna while Tommy, in the shape of Sam, is fatally wounded in a "duel" with Marcus. This is symbolic of their divergent fates, and a reminder that not all people born into poverty can rise as Sam did.

There is also some apparently good Dec between Jessica and Jason, but we end with all Hell about to break loose as Marcie interrupts Bill's tolerance event. Chaos erupts. I'm loving the topsy-the Y unpredictability of this season.

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