Tuesday, 14 June 2016

True Blood: Hitting the Ground

"Never really thought I was smart enough to get depressed, but here I am..."

It's a miraculously if temporarily recovered Bill to the rescue; what other resolution could there have been? The pre-titles teaser ends with Lorena's death. Her last words are "I love you, William."

Alcide's ex, Debbie, is the adversary for much of the early part of the episode, and I suppose she's very real as a character- an addict who has chosen a very bad relationship. She certainly doesn't react well when Alcide shoots her new bloke, the one she got herself branded for.

Hoyt's new girlfriend is incredibly annoying. He's only with her to get back at Jessica, and now he's stuck with someone he can't stand. And she's really into him. Oops. Bill is into Sookie, too- literally; he has to be physically restrained from drinking too much of Sookie's blood when unconscious. This goes down very badly with all concerned, especially as Bill is on very thin ice at the moment. There's an awful lot of drama over a supposedly dying Sookie until Bill is finally allowed to turn up and save her. None of this is doing anything for Tara's current hatred of all things undead, understandably given her recent experiences.

Sam finally finds out what his family is up to- and it's truly reprehensible: his birth parents are using Tommy, their own son, to take part in dogfights to earn income for them all- and his feckless dad just gambles away the money. Sam, quite rightly, takes Tommy away from them, but he's a troubled kid. 

Perhaps even more surprising as this, mind, is the revelation that Jason is the older sibling. Really? The really big reveal, though, is Sookie's dream in which she meets others like herself, one of whine, Claudine, is played by Itene Adler herself, Lara Pulver...

We end with Eric and the King rescuing Pam... by murdering the Magister, although naturally not before getting him to declare Russell and Sophie-Anne married: the King of Mississippi has just annexed Louisiana. What with the Authority do? And, actually, just who are they?

Perhaps there's just a little too much hospital, but this is a brilliant episode with revelation after revelation.

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