Friday, 24 June 2016

True Blood: I'm Alive and on Fire

"Don't fuck this up. How many retired kings do you know?"

Eric has just killed and drunk from Claudine, a full-blooded fairy, and is therefore as pissed as a fart. It's all rather amusing, but also serves to underline how very real and unfeigned is his love for Sookie.

Less sweetly, Jason is gang-raped while Crystal, in the midst of raping him, is moved to tears by the joys of having (for her) truly consensual sex for the first time in her life. It's all very dark. Meanwhile Bill comes under pressure from Nan Flamagan while the source of Marnie's power is revealed as a poor woman burnt at the stake during the Spanish Inquisition.

Sam, meanwhile, visits Luna unexpectedly, and gets on well with Emma, her little girl. By the laws of television drama they are all doomed. This is the episode, I think, where we begin to get a sense of the shape of the season, and I like it. 

It's good to have a one-off bit of comedy, though, such as Bill discovering that his potential new girlfriend- a Bellefleur- is a descendent of his. Oops. That'll be him free to get back with Sookie at some point, then. How convenient.

Jason is finally rescued by Jessica and Hoyt, but is understandably traumatised- the light is juxtaposed with the dark. 

We end with Tommy trapped back into his parents' malevolent clutches, while Pam's attempt to stop Marnie results in her falling victim to a rather minging rotting spell...

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