Tuesday, 28 June 2016

True Blood: Me and the Devil

"Insanity comes with the job."

Tommy isn't in the clutches of his awful parents for long; he kills them. Oops. Meanwhile, Marnie is increasingly friendless, Eric is still an innocent without a past and Terry suggests to Arlene that they get an exorcist in. Cool.

Lafayette and Jesus are off to Mexico to see the latter's magician grandad, a sort of Mexican Alan Moore, and to generally start their own plot line full of trippily directed arty sequences. Jason pours his heart out to Hoyt about his recent Viagra-assisted gang rape. And said exorcist turns out to be the Reverend Daniels with Lettie Mae, not from the sort of church Arlene prefers. 

Probably most pivotal is Sookie's meeting with Marnie for a bit of a seance where she hears her Gran's voice, telling her very clearly that Marnie is dangerous. If that isn't foreshadowing then I don't know what is.

And then Marnie is possessed, seemingly permanently, by the woman from those Spanish Inquisition flashbacks who probably has some rather unpleasant agenda. Again, oh dear.

Things don't get better for Arlene and Terry with a fire starting, while Jason is attracted to Jessica, his best friend's girlfriend, after having her blood. 

We end with Bill giving us some backstory: the Inquisition woman was Antonia, a necromancers whose dying act was to exterminate all vampires within twenty miles by burning them in daylight. At the time the Catholic Church was full of vampires, although "Today, as you know, it's Google and Fox News".

At last we get a clear idea of the real big bad in an eventful episode.True Blood just gets better and better.

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