Wednesday, 29 June 2016

True Blood: I Wish I Was the Moon

"But, ifyou turn into a panther, won't the cuffs just fall off...?

Bill is not at all happy to find that Sookie has been hiding the amnesiac Eric, but she has little reason to be truthful to him after recent events. Eric, in an interestingly philosophical mood, actively wants not to remember his past; he's appalled by his own past behaviour and wishes to be the good man that he now is- and always potentially was. He even submits to execution, glad that in his few days of life he has known true love with Sookie. A conscious-stricken Bill, of course, lets him live, diminished by him in Sookie's eyes and ours.

Meanwhile, the fire at Arlene's and Terry seems to have been caused by a ghostly creole lady who wants to take baby Damian. Sam is rather busy as Arlene's landlady and leaves Tommy to run the bar... as Sam. So he proceeds to act like a douche, firing Sookie. This will have consequences. So will his sleeping with Luna and then throwing her out...

Meanwhile, Lafayette and Jesus experience more artist shot trip pines in Mexico while Tara faces the consequences for lying to her girlfriend about who she is. But much of the episode consists of poor, thick Jason bonding with his sister while learning that he has not, after all, been turned into a were-Panther. Those scenes are really rather sweet.

Other relationships are awkward- Jason and Jessica know they shouldn't be attracted to each other- but Tara and Naomi are a sweet couple, and we end a surprisingly slow-paced episode with Sookie and Eric making love in long shot, as if the director respects their privacy...

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