Tuesday, 21 June 2016

True Blood: She's Not There

"I have a fairy godmother???!!!"

This is certainly the weirdest season opener so far as Sookie begins in the Land of Faerie hearing an awful lot of exposition- Claudine is her fairy godmother; her Grandad Earl is alive and with them in Fairyland; there's a hint of malevolence behind the surface sweetness... and they don't want her to leave. Especially that.

Most weird is how slowly time passes there- her grandad, absent for twenty years, thinks he only saw her last week, as a little girl- which makes me think of the capricious faeries of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. When she finally escapes back to Bon Temps, at the cost of her Grandad's life, she's been gone thirteen months. Oops. People are quite upset. And Jason's sold the house. To Eric.

Things have happened over that year. Jason, for example, has been hand waved into an actual cop. Andy is now a hopeless V addict. Jessica and Hoyt's relationship is showing cracks. Lafayette now has a cool Mohican, and he is persuaded by Jesus to attend a Wiccan event presided over by Marnie, who must be important because she's  portrayed by Fiona Shaw. Sam is now embracing his shifter side, hanging out with other shifters. Meanwhile, Arlene's baby Mikey is looking more and more as though he should have been called Damian. That's a lot of stuff to kick off a new season.

If this new status quo wasn't enough to ponder, Bill is now King of Louisiana, Marnie's group turns out to be capable of real magic of a very Alan Moore kind, and Crystal's family are locking Jason up in an ice box. I love True Blood.

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