Thursday, 16 June 2016

True Blood: Fresh Blood

"There are consequences, even for Russell Edgington."

It looks as though it's the jealousy of Eric's Estonian human girl that leads to her pleasingly random release, beginning a heady and eventful penultimate episode.

Lafayette and Jesus are both enthusiastic and changed by their recent V trip; their future clearly involves magic, but I suspect that's for next season. Crystal, meanwhile, explains that she has to marry her brother in order to carry on the werepanthet bloodline, dropping sprog after sprog until meoopause or death. Ouch.

But mostly we just have things unwind in the complex power play between Edgington, Eric and Bill, with Sookie in an awkward and dangerous place. Arlene tried unsuccessfully to get rid of her Damien baby although, being from the Deep South, she opposes abortion. Er, right.

Jessica and Hoyt are properly together again, and as sweet as ever. But mostly this is a dark episode, with Tara so devastated, Sam still out of character and firing poor, vulnerable Tommy, and Jason worried about another Waco with Crystal's family. And now Russell knows (courtesy of Bill's shocking apparent betrayal) what Sookie is. And he fully intends to test the legend of fairy blood allowing a vampire to walk in daylight. But there's a catch: Eric must go first. Yet he does, seemingly without incident, and Edgington follows. But it's a trap; soon Eric has Edgington where he wants them as they both burn together in a dramatic cliffhanger. This season is extraordinary.

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