Wednesday, 15 June 2016

True Blood: Everything Is Broken

"I wanted to meet the sick fuck who ordered the veggie burger with bacon."

No wonder Eric and Pam are panicking; Russell Edgington is going to be very angry. But it gets worse as Nan Flanagan arrives to investigate the dealing in V. It's a sensitive time politically, with just two more states needing to ratify the Vampire Rights Amendment. Heaven forbid that something should go wrong.

Sookie and Bill meanwhile are getting all erotic with each other, even sooner than I predicted. Bill admits he's been keeping a file on Sookie and her relatives with similar powers- he has to know what she is, but she seems fine with that.

An apparently far more solid couple are Lafayette and Jesus, who continue to be sweet together. Rather more disturbing are Jason and Crystal, especially when Felton comes for her once again.

Eric puts in a good performance at his trial, but he's still in deep trouble until, unexpectedly and not entirely convincingly, he gets off for political reasons. Tara and Holly connect at a rape survivor meeting, and it turns out that Sookie's son has her powers too- I'm sure this will become significant later. So many plot threads, yet it's all coherent, and the characters are developed beautifully. True Blood is indeed magnificent.

Terry reacts wonderfully to Arlene's confession that the baby isn't hers, which means that the baby itself, not him, is going to be the source of trouble. Another Damien? 

There's hope for Hoyt and Jessica as they have a nice and potentially healing chat. There's fear and despair for Tara as the disgusting Frannklin turns up, alive and well and as entitled as ever. Crystal again chooses her abusive, inbred family over Jason.

But the climax is rather dramatic, as Russell Edgington dramatically kills a newsreader live on air and makes a rather dramatic speech ensuring that, for Nan Flanagan and her supporters, everything is indeed broken...

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