Wednesday, 29 June 2016

True Blood: Cold Grey Light of Dawn

"I am not a zombie!"

The possessed Marnie escapes from Bill's helpless clutches as we get some light relief with Tara escaping from a hilariously annoyed Pam. The trippiness down in Mexico is leavened with a bit of family drama added to give it a bit of a plot purpose beyond establishing Lafayette's magical abilities, and Debbie and Alcide are initiated into their local pack. So far, so functional. But then we get to the real heartbreak; Tara feels she has to break up with her girlfriend to keep her safe. Will nothing ever go right for her?

Jason's position gets all the more awkward with his feelings towards Jessica and Hoyt confessing his relationship troubles, saying that "It'll kill me if I lose her". We all know where this is heading. We're well-informed on the Big Bad and her plans, too, as Bill uses Jessica to give us yet more exposition on who Antonia is. 

The father/daughter relationship between these two is genuinely lovely, though, especially given the abusive ways of her birth father. Also sweet is Andy's nervous approach to his date with Holly, his V addiction getting the better of him. It's an episode all about relationships but, in many cases, ominously. We get an ominous ending, too, as Marcie's spell has vampires running for the Sun, including Jessica...

Bloody brilliant.

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