Saturday, 18 June 2016

True Blood: Evil Is Going On

"You watch you're fuckin' language!"

This is it, then. We begin with Eric and Russell dying in the Sun together, but then Godric's ghost turns up being all sanctimonious and that, sowing confusion enough for Sookie to run and save them both, using her mysterious powers- throwing a punch at Bill as she goes. Go Sookie.

Russell is now somewhat fried, and Eric's bitch to boot. In other plot threads Tara and Sam have a good chat, Hoyt is still in love with Jessica, and Jason argues with Andy about Hotshot: to raid or not to raid. But this plot thread is where it's at.

Still, Jason sees the shockingly poor living conditions of Crystal's family, and takes pity. Then Felton and Crystal's dad turn up to take her away, leaving Jason to look after them all. That was certainly unexpected. And in this company he's the smart one, a scary thought.

Tara is disgusted to find her feckless mother shagging the Reverend Daniels, but they eventually part on good terms; after all that's happened to her she has to get out of Bon Temps. Sam shoots Tommy. More drama is happening with Sookie, disgusted with both Bill and Eric, who reminds the invitation for all vampires to enter her house.

Jesus tells Lafayette that he has potential as a shaman- something for next season, I think. Jesus, it seems, is a witch. Thus concludes the round-up of the cast, and we can get to Bill's fate planned for Edgington- burying him in concrete for decades, to go mad with grief, starvation and lack of stimulation. He intends the same for Eric, but Eric has Pam. What's the betting that Russell will be back before long, perhaps madder?

Sookie, with Bill and Eric, hears the truth: Bill originally came to Bon Temps at the orders of Sophie-Anne to "procure" her; it was all stage-managed. It was, in a sense, never "real". It's a crushing revelation, foreshadowed by his earlier telling Russell he was a procurer but still devastating. 

We end in a double cliffhanger; Bill and Soohie-Anne are fighting a duel, while Sookie is visited by Claudine and other fae, and vanishes while bathed in light..

Wow. That was awesome. I'm glad I don't have to wait..

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