Wednesday, 15 June 2016

True Blood: Night on the Sun

"This is Holly, your new waitress. Don't sleep with her."

So, after last week, it's all doom and gloom for Sookie's and Bill's relationship. This is it. Definitely. It's over.

I give them two episodes to get back together, tops.

There's also a rather big domestic between Russell and Talbot, fallout from Russell's impulsive killing of the Magister, something which needs to be hushed up rather sharpish. Can he trust Eric to keep schtum?

Bill returns home and unexpectedly releases Jessica: he has no time for her in his complex life right now. She's upset about this, but at least they part with a hug. 

Alcide, meanwhile, is staying with Sookie. Hmm. Not good for Bill. Neither is the fact that both Andy and Jason want her to press charges against Bill. Tara continues to deal with her recent trauma, and Crystal turns up at Jason's unexpectedly; Felton is beating her up and it seems she and Jason are together again. Oh, and Merlotte's has a new waitress.

Crystal was "promised" to Felton at the age of four- what kind of people are these? On a happier note, it looks as though Lafayette and Jesus are back together. 

We end with Russell going after Sookie, with Bill and Jessica there to protect her. Meanwhile, though, Eric is finally exacting revenge for his family by fucking and then killing Talbot. The King is not amused...

That's True Blood for you. Every week the stakes get raised again.

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