Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Grimm: The Ungrateful Dead

"This ain't over yet!"

The zombie flick continues with the first episode of Season Three, and Nick begins the new season as a zombie himself. It's all action, and we end with the realisation that there's still more of this epic tale to come.

One effect of the amount of time that has elapsed since last season wrapped is that Hank is no longer on crutches. But it's all pretty much as we expected; our Wesen good guys versus zombies. One interesting consequence of this, though, is that Renard is now clearly a fully-fledged member of the Grimm Scooby gang. There's a plane crash, lots of evidence of a bigger budget than usual, and assorted signifiers of a high stakes episode. Juliette continues to show herself as a valuable addition to the gang, suggesting making the zombie antidote as a gas.

Giuntoli as a zombie is great, even charismatic- why can't he be like this every week? Meanwhile, Adalind, after a spell of great visual effectiveness, has her powers back...

I like this fast-moving version of Grimm, but I bet we'll be back to the story of the week soon.

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