Sunday, 19 October 2014

Grimm: A Dish Best Served Cold

"I just watched a friend of mine die in a tree..."

So far this season has been very arc-based, with no stories of the week. This episode continues this trend, at least at first, as a date between Rosalie and Monroe leads to her moving in with him. They declare their love for each other, they're such a cute couple. I'm sure it'll all end in tragedy.

Nick and Juliette are discussing that bloke what he killed when he was a zombie thingy. On paper it's a good scene, but David Giuntoli is just too bland to sell it properly. Time for a story of the week methinks.

This all revolves around a restaurant with a posh chef, and a feud between pigs and wolves (irony?). As a story of the week it is well structured, gripping, and a good reintroduction to the basic format of the show. There is, interestingly, an interesting ending with Nick pretending to arrest and shoot Monroe. This is a trick that can probably only be tried once. This would be a very good episode were it not for the groan-inducing line "and this little piggy goes to jail..."

Meanwhile, in Vienna, Sean Reynard's agent comes into contact with Adalind. Can't be too long now until he finds out about his possible child...

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