Sunday, 26 October 2014

Grimm: My Fair Wesen

"She's a murder suspect?"

"Well, not technically a suspect, because we know she did it...!"

The arc is in its final phase before the season finale, but we still get a story of the week, in this case based on The Ugly Duckling. The theme of families and the one that stands out, though, is rather appropriate to Trubel. So is the episode title, with its allusions to Pygmalion. Can the wild girl be tamed? I certainly hope not. She is such a teenager.

Trubel gets two alternative new homes here. One is with Nick and Juliette as adoptive parents- after, that is, Juliette comes to terms with this sudden addition to the household. The other is this nasty, authoritarian, patriarchal shoplifting cult which preys on vulnerable young women, ruled with a rod of iron by the rather creepy and sexually abusive "Ken".

Trubel shows herself to have strong investigative skills but, being a teenager on television, is impetuous. Her rebelliousness, though, wins the day.

Meanwhile, Adalind learns she is to inherit very little as her mother was a naughty tax evader. She does, however, get her clutches on her mother's spell book. And we end this rather good episode with a revelation of an old man with another key, just like Nick's. This old man is played by Sam Anderson, our old friend from Angel...

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