Saturday, 18 October 2014

Grimm: The Good Soldier

"I don't deserve what they did to me. I was a good soldier."

A rather good whodunit for once, this one, and concerning the serious issue of the rape of women in the US military, once again using Wesen as a metaphor for humanity's bestial urges.

Still, there is a counterbalancing positive narrative for the U.S. Military here, I suppose inevitably, in the person of an honourable commanding officer who pays the ultimate price for doing the right thing. The rape itself is evil, but everything else in this episode exists in shades of grey. It may be a story of the week, but this is a highlight of the season.

They way things unfold is particularly praiseworthy, with the victims to be drinking awful lager and alluding to s terrible secret from seven years earlier. The tragic motive for the murders, and the way the plot unfolds, make this odd only the best episode yet in terms of structure.

Meanwhile, in Vienna, the subplot continued to tread water. For once we seem to have a story that leaves little room for subplots.

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