Sunday, 19 October 2014

Grimm: Revelation

"I don't even know who you are any more!"

The story continues. The programme continues to use Wesen as a metaphor, with Monroe's parents continuing to reject their son's lifestyle choices. It's not hard to see a parallel with people coming out as gay to their unsupportive parents. Oh, and there's still something going around scalping cops, but that's in the background. although we do get a hilarious scene where a cop is hanging around alone, in the forest, in the dark, and is obviously going to die.

Much of this episode consists of Monroe trying and failing to reconnect with his parents, especially his father. It is only with the final action climax against three hard baddies that Monroe's dad finally comes to understand and accept his son's choices, also throwing in a dire warning that this type of baddie means baaaaad stuff's coming.

Meanwhile, in Vienna, Adalind learns that Sean Reynard is close to getting to the truth, and Prince Viktor discovers that Frau Peck is not the traitor. The net is closing in on Adalind. And the birth is now imminent.

A fast-paced return, then, to the series after its mid-season break. Things are hotting up on multiple fronts.

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