Sunday, 12 October 2014

Grimm: Stories We Tell Our Young

"So, I guess it's time for the "Birds and the whole Bienen-Wesen" talk. Okay..."

On the same day as I review an episode of Penny Dreadful that largely riffs on The Exorcist, this happens. Yes, apparently this is based on Inuit mythology, but there's no mistaking the obvious influence of a certain film.

I'm amused by the role of Woo at the start; for those of us who have been following Charlie Brooker's most amusing A Touch of Cloth, this episode sees him fulfilling the cop show standard of "man in the Mac who spouts facts" perfectly. Also, in Parallel with the Exorcist stuff, Sean Renard arrives in Vienna to begin his multi-episode sub-plot. Also in Vienna are Adalind and a new prince, played by none other than Alexis Denisof...!

The main lot plays out, with a little friction between our heroes and the Wesen Council thrown in; interestingly, it was once again Rosalie who snitched. And we get, of course, a little lesson on the heredity of Wesen traits. 

This episode was average, methinks. There's nothing wrong with it, but I'm getting a little restless with stories of the week.

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