Friday, 3 October 2014

Grimm: El Cucuy

"Did she like me?"

"For someone who was in a coma, yeah."

This episode is both steeped in "Hispanic" (is using "Hispanic" to describe an ethnicity racist or not?) American culture, via ancient Egypt, and far more "street" than last episode, being based on robberies and vigilantism.

Meanwhile, though, Juliette tells Nick about the email and gets given a lot of exposition about his mum, conveniently fulfilling the same function for the viewer. Appropriate, really, given the role of mothers in the episode and the unlikely revelation of whom the fabled El Cucuy actually is.

In arc news, Adalind is due in the Spring and may be having twins. Most terrifyingly of all, Rosalee will soon be having to meet Monroe's parents, a prospect that has them both quaking with fear. On a more pleasant note, it's nice to see our Scooby gang having another of their wine and takeaway get together a, something that really endears them to me as characters. 

This season is the best so far on present evidence.

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