Saturday, 18 October 2014

Grimm: Eyes of the Beholder

"Get out of my house!"

This isn't the first time that Grimm has tackled domestic abuse, but it's a topic that works well with the use of Wesen as metaphors. In this case there's the added complication that Alicia is trying to hide from Juliette the fact that she's a Fuchsbau; I love the scene in which Jukiette tries to explain that she understands about Wesen, and gets it all wrong. Her husband being a Grimm doesn't exactly help here.

There's also a parallel plot, also including domestic abuse themes. This is Wesen-on-Wesen violence too. There's perhaps something unfortunate with Grimm implying that all social issues are really about Wesen, but then the whole concept is just a metaphor on a number of levels.

All this contrasts with the increasingly cute relationship between Monroe and Rosalie, and the budding relationship between Hank and the vulnerable Tyler which ends, it seems, in rejection.

I liked this episode; it flows well, and has a rare thematic unity. This is so good it could almost be a lesser episode of Buffy, and I genuinely mean that as praise.

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