Saturday, 18 October 2014

Grimm: Red Menace

"Koschei are Russian, which means they're Greek to me."

Interesting start; a jogging woman in the forest, like the first episode. Not only that, but the soundtrack is "Little Red Riding Hood" by the Meteors. Thing soon settle down, however. A medium-term arc thread is seeded as an abused friend of Juliette's, Alicia, comes to stay with her and Nick for a while. Her husband is, of course, a Wesen. Oh, and Sean Renard meets Adalind at a restaurant and learns that he may be the father of her child. Oh, and Hank gets a possible love interest in Tyler. About time. We'll see how this develops.

The main story-of-the-week plot, however, is Russian-themed and begins, again, with Woo as one of the great Charlie Brooker's Men in the Macs who Spout Facts. Everything revolves around a Russian Wesen with healing powers which are, naturally, connected to Rasputin, his parallel. It seems the Czar's favourite mad monk was killed by a Grimm on behalf of British Intelligence.

Things get very Russian, with affairs and vodka, and Russians speaking to each other in English for some reason. 

A bit blah, this one, but we end with a cliffhanger; the abusive husband is outside the house in a car... 

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