Sunday, 19 October 2014

Grimm: Mommy Dearest

"This could be anything that climbs trees; bigger than a squirrel, obviously."

It seems that Woo's first name is, er, Drew...

This is an excellent episode, and a rather important one. We begin with Adalind giving birth, somewhat supernaturally, but that plot thread can wait until later episodes. This episode is concerned with another baby, that of a friend of Woo's, which is being milked for amniotic fluid by a mythical Filipino called an Aswang! This is the episode where Woo first becomes aware of supernatural going-on in Portland. But we end with Woo in a mental home recuperating. Can he handle the truth?

The Aswang itself looks gloriously horrible as it sticks its long tool into the womb via the bellybutton. It is one of the most effective-looking Wesen so far. It's also nice to see some development of Woo as a character. In particular, it's bittersweet to learn that he harbours unrequited feelings for an old friend who is now married. It is also interesting to see Nick and Hank spending the entire episode chickening out of telling Woo what is really going on.

This is an unusually serious episode, and one with an uncertain ending. I'm sure I'm not the only one with quite a bit of affection for Woo.

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