Sunday, 12 October 2014

Grimm: Twelve Days of Krampus

"Hey, guys- shouldn't we be spreading out closer together?"

Well, well- a Christmas episode, no less! And a rather good one, too, in defiance of my expectations.

It's a fantastic concept; Santa's evil twin, who punishes bad children by ritually hanging them from a tree. And the curse comes with inbuilt amnesia so that the person responsible has no idea he's doing it. Brilliant.

Oh, and there's whipping too. Er, kinky. And, on that theme, we later have people gleefully photographing a Santa being handcuffed...

Monroe, of course, really does Christmas, like a proper traditional German. Rosalie doesn't, though; the festival holds tragic memories for her. Touchingly, as soon as Monroe hears about this he quietly and uncomplainingly takes down all the decorations he'd spent so long putting up. 

In Vienna, meanwhile, Sean Renard leaves a note and flowers as an excuse to speak to Adalind, knowing that they will be watched. And, in Portland, Rosalie confides in Juliette, who is making tea wrongly, as Americans on TV are always doing, dipping a teabag in lukewarm water. (You need the water to be boiling and to bash the teabag about in the boing water do it infuses, folks; if the water is lukewarm and you don't get the tea out of the bag then the necessary chemical reaction will not occur and the tea will taste like shit. For even better results, use loose tea and a teapot, and don't forget to warm the pot.)

Ahem. All is well in the end, as Nick uses his Daredevil powers to save the day.  There's a dilemma about what to do with our amnesiac baddie, however. Do they kill him? Tell the Wesen Council...?

We end on a sweet note, as Rosalie has put all of the decorations back just as they were. Merry Christmas!

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