Friday, 3 October 2014

Grimm: One Night Stand

"Not easy being a parent!"

Back to the story of the week, then (aww!) and it's time for The Little Mermaid. This one's quite good, developing the mystery quite well, using the fear of being dragged underwater quite brilliantly and giving us some real pathos in its depiction of the Nyads and some real social commentary in the depiction of social conservatism as the misigynistic scourge that it is. The moral of this episode, which I applaud, is that social conservatism and narrow "family values" needs to be firmly stamped out.
It's hard not to see parallels here with "honour killings" and female genital mutilation. 

In arc news, we are left to wonder who will replace Eric Renard as crown prince, and Juliette reads and email to Nick that seems to be from his mother...

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