Friday, 24 October 2014

Grimm: Nobody Knows the Trubel I've Seen

"She's a Grimm!"

Only a few episodes left of the season, so naturally they choose now to introduce a new character. 

Teresa Rubel is a feral Grimm who doesn't know she's a Grimm, your stereotypical delinquent teenager set for an arc of gradually increasing, maturity, responsibility  etc etc. I like her; she changes the dynamic of the Scoobies in a positive way.

Meanwhile Renard is drinking alone in a bar, which seems to be an American thing, and Adalind is confronting Nick and Juliette at their house, as she obviously would. She's distraught, naturally. Equally naturally, everyone lies to her. I can understand why, but this is still not very nice. She's the baby's mother.

Prince Viktor, meanwhile, is visited by his uncle, a new character, symbolically reading Gibbon's Decline and Fall. Bring the father of both Etic and Sean(!), he applies no little pressure. Interesting.

Viktor, equally interestingly, learns that Adalind still thinks he had the baby. Interestingly, he allows her to continue to believe this. Plans are clearly afoot...

We end, as always, in media res, with Teresa coming to live with Nick and Juliette in a happy little family.

Grimm is on fire!

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