Sunday, 12 October 2014

Grimm: Cold Blooded

"You ask me, it's an alligator."

Fiddlesticks. This seems to be some sort of two-parter. I'm not sure what's happening- two directors are credited- but this episode appears to be broadly standalone, albeit with a rushed ending.

Alexis Denisof is playing a gloriously sinister baddie, Prince Viktor, who reminds me of badass Wesley (Er, not that the blog has got to that bit in Angel quite yet. And fear not; I'm still very much blogging Buffy and Angel. Indeed, I have some notes prepared. But I'm in a hurry to finish Grimm Season 3 before Season 4 starts). He's charismatic, erotic, menacing, and has Adalind hanging on his every word.

This week's story is based on something by John Dryden- do any of my readers know exactly what? We have a reptilian burglar Wesen and apparent references to urban myths of alligators in sewers. Meanwhile, in Vienna (it means nothing to me), Sean Renard is slumming it with his underling, forced to stay hidden in relative squalor.

The main plot is largely solved at another one of those fabulous dinner parties round Monrie's and Rosalie's, with Juliette fully involved. Our little Scooby Gang is a rather convivial, bibulous bunch; I like that.

The main plot is a bit blah, but interesting things happen with Sean; there's a trial taking place, and the Resistance are interrogating a suspected Royal agent...

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