Thursday, 11 April 2013

Ted (2012)

“Come on, I do NOT sound that much like Peter Griffin!”
We’ve all seen Family Guy. We’ve all seen American Dad. Well, if we haven’t, we should have, but I digress, which is rather worrying as thus is only the second sentence. But we all know what to expect from a film by Seth MacFarlane- exactly the same sort of thing but with live action instead of cartoons and that. And that’s exactly what this film delivers, and rightly so. Anything else would be disappointing.

Yes, the plot may be a bit clichéd: a man in his thirties has to choose between his girlfriend (who represents responsibility and adulthood) and his best friend (who represents childhood, literally, in fact, as a bear!), but eventually gets to have his cake and eat it. It’s a cliché, and a rather simplistic one, which rather insultingly implies that all men are children and all women are boring. None of that really matters here, though. The plot is just something to hang the cool stuff from.

Ted himself is not only voiced by Macfarlane, but probably represents a side of him which we also see in the similarly voiced Peter Griffin. Other familiar elements are the involvement of Patrick Stewart and the many pop culture references. I’m pleased to see that Macfarlane loves Flash Gordon as much as I do. I’m also pleased to see that Ted has managed to achieve promotion in his chosen career in the same way I used myself! I’m amazed, though, to see such a massive bong. Ted knows how to party. It’s interesting, not for the first time in a recent Hollywood film, to see how liberal the United States is these days when it comes to cannabis. We Europeans have a lot to learn.

Mila Kunis is brilliant and sexy, while Mark Wahlberg carries the film with charisma. But neither of them can match the sheer awesomeness of the film’s two stars: the gorgeous, historic city of Boston, one of my favourite American cities, which looks stunning here, and Macfarlane himself, who is obviously a genius. This film is brilliant for the exact reasons that you would expect it to be. Giggity giggity!

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