Friday, 26 April 2013

Grimm: The Kiss

“Cheapskate didn’t know how close she came to getting her throat ripped out!”

“So sweet!”

The cliffhanger reprise is a bit of a cheat, I have to say. The baddie doesn’t attack Nick after all and, after much impressive looking fighting, Nick and his mother kill it. For the rest of the episode, though, Nick has to deal with the repercussions as he is arrested by the FBI. Usually, he manages to avoid this sort of situation, but as two FBI agents have died it’s more awkward this time. In fact, both homicides which he investigates in this episode were perpetrated by his mother, who seems to have a short temper. It’s interesting, though, that the Captain is so protective of Nick. Also interesting is that his mother now knows that there is a Prince in Portland.

This time, relations between Nick’s mother and the Monroe/Rosalie combo are less awkward. Speaking of Monroe and Rosalie, it’s getting increasingly obvious that they rather like each other. I see another season arc developing here. There’s also another phone call between the Captain and that European brother of his, in that swanky CGI castle nonetheless. Is this another arc?

It’s interesting how predominant European affairs have been in the show of late. I wonder if this is a sign of things to come. I certainly think we’ll see Nick’s mother again, especially considering the rather naughty manner of her exit. First of all, though, we have yet another cliffhanger. Juliette has been kissed by her Prince, but there’s a price. She can’t remember Nick at all. That’s a cruel way to end, for the audience as much as for Nick!

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