Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Grimm: Leave It to Beavers

“They have a real thing for bridges…”

So, at last we get The Three Billy Goats Gruff. This has to be the wittiest treatment of any source fairytale in the show so far. The trolls are all owners of constructions firms, which is the best thing ever. This, of course, allows the show to use, as part of the plot, that Portland bridge which I have now come to think of as iconic.

There are two further plot strands, though. I’ll come to the awkward dinner party in a moment. But this is the episode where the subplot of the refrigerator repair bloke leaving constant gifts for Nick and Juliette sort of pays off. Nick tries hard, and fails, to get the ice beavers (for that is what they are) to band together and not get pushed around, for once. Hopefully, however, the experience of thinking about this will do them good.

But, of course, this episode is mostly about the most awkward dinner conversation in all of human history as Nick and Monroe try not to give everything away in front of Juliette, and fail miserably. You can tell she’s not impressed. You can also tell that this whole thing is simply going to have to come to an end.

Another worry is these reapers who are just going to keep coming after Nick, trying to kill him and forcibly linking him to wider events. You can sort of tell that it isn’t too long until the season finale.

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