Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Grimm: Big Feet

“I may have Bigfoot on my couch!”

This may be based on Grimm fairytale called Hans the Hedgehog, but we all know it’s about Bigfoot. This, admittedly, is not inappropriate for a show set in the Pacific North West. There’s a third influence, too. The nasty psychiatrist with his nasty potion is a bit Jekyll and Hyde.  All these influences have finally prompted me to ask an inevitable question: are all the crimes in Portland Wesen-related? Do Nick and Hank ever get any “normal” crimes to investigate? Hank is going to have to smell a rat soon. And it seems that this episode is where it starts.

I like the beginning of the episode: it’s very Blair Witch Project. I also like the involvement of Juliette in the case; her profession as a vet gives her the perfect excuse to do a little research of her own, and her open minded attitude to cryptozoology seems to bode well for the inevitable moment when Nick tells her everything.

The fact that the main suspect is a friend of Monroe’s gives us a bit of a clue that the real baddie is not obvious. As it happens, this is a very Scientology friendly episode, with a psychiatrist as a baddie. It seems, though, that this time Hank has seen enough to cause him to question things, especially his encounter with a bestial Monroe in the woods during a chase. I suspect there can be no going back from this.

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