Monday, 1 April 2013

Dollhouse: Haunted

“I love these people, but I don’t like them.”

Generally speaking, I much prefer the arc episodes to the stories of the week, especially with things getting so exciting lately. An episode of the week at this point in the season runs the risk of frustrating us viewers by forcing us to wait another episode for the things we want to see. This episode is exactly that. It better be good, then.

Fortunately, it is. It’s the best episode of the week so far, mainly because it central concept is superb. What if you foresaw your own death, uploaded yourself on a wedge, came back in another body with a back story already prepared, attended your own funeral and proceeded to investigate your own murder? It’s a powerful concept and yet another opportunity for Eliza Dushku to show us what she can do.

However, Margaret, the customer in question, soon realises the harsh reality of this. Possibly the worst thing is that she hears truth of what people (her family) think, and the things which are said behind her back. It’s a devastating blow, and one that makes us all question the difference between reality as we perceive it and how it is to our “loved ones”. Do even our families truly know us? Worse still, do we know them? Margaret soon discovers what a horrible mistake she has made in leaving just her horses to her husband and how she has misjudged so many people. Fortunately, she has a chance to make things right. Most people in reality make just the same mistakes and never get that chance.

On a brighter note, it’s Topher’s birthday! DeWitt is kind enough to give him Sierra as a friend to geek out with, proving that, deep down, she has a heart! More devastating is Mellie’s speech to Ballard in which she declares he love for him and gives herself to him completely. Ballard may know that she is really a Doll, but these feelings and this personality are still real, and he’s an absolute wanker.

Good though this episode is, it’ll be good to get back to the arc. I’m addicted.

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