Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Grimm: Happily Ever Aftermath

“Am I too late…? Oh no, I can't be too late- you're still alive. That's a good thing.”

For the second time in a row we get an easily guessable fairytale. It’s Cinderella, so of course we get screeching bat-like creatures. It’s also the second time in a row that we get a nicely witty treatment of the source material. Our Cinderella analogue is a spoilt rich bitch who is all nasty and that to her ugly sisters. Written down like that it seems more obvious than it is, but the reveal is really well handled.

The first victim in this traditional murder mystery, which surprisingly is a rarity for this show, is her wicked step-mother. That strikes me as the most appropriate thing that could possibly happen in this show. The whole thing is a story of the week, perhaps, but it’s one of the best yet. There’s also plenty of arc stuff going on. Hank’s refusal to believe Spencer when he tells the truth about being a Batman and all that is a fairly blatant signal from the writers to the viewer that he simply has to find out everything sooner or later.

The same applies to Juliette, or course, given Nick’s continued failure to confide in her. But this time she begins to research the death of Nick’s parents, and discovers it was a homicide. Of the four suspects, three have been seen before and I’m sure we can expect to see the fourth before too long.

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