Monday, 1 April 2013

Grimm: The Plumed Serpent

“You fought valiantly, daddy.  You did.”

This is fascinating. It’s our most metatextual episode yet. Although based on a Grimm tale, in this case The Two Brothers, the episode is all about the potency of myth and archetype. Our baddie is a fire swallowing dragon-lady who retreats to an underground lair, and deliberately casts Nick in the role of heroic dragon slaying knight who is off to free the damsel in distress, this being Juliette. This isn’t the first time that Grimm has given us such a perfect fairytale trope, but it’s the first time that the main antagonist has deliberately engineered it.

That’ll be the plot, then. But this episode is full of fascinating character points. I noticed that Hank, although on the end of a rather supernatural blast of fire, instantly rationalises it away to the captain. I just can’t wait to see his reaction when he finally gets shown what is really going on, as he must. There’s also an interesting line from Monroe about a Grimm being decapitated in Antwerp. I wonder if this is going to develop in to an arc? I could be barking up the wrong tree entirely, of course.

I was amused to see that Ariel performs he fire swallowing routine to Franz Ferdinand’s “This Fire”.
In television dramas this always happens. This song playing is always singularly appropriate to what is going on. If only this happened in reality. Once again, Juliette is placed in danger. Is she safe with Nick? This is going to run and run.

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