Friday, 17 April 2015

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Who You Really Are

"Skye is my friend. That's different!"

A game-changer of an episode, but aren't they all these days? We meet Sif again, we meet an actual Kree, and we get the backstory behind the Kree genetic engineering of humans that created what we're not calling the Inhumans- although it seems the Kree now want to "put down" the results of those experiments. Including Skye.

Oh, and, in the midst of all this, Skye is outed as having earthquake superpowers, and this leads to friction between Fitz and Simmons which will, no doubt, go on for a while. It's an eventful and entertaining episode.

Other stuff: Coulson offers Hunter a permanent post with SHIELD. There is still obvious friction between Coulson and a disapproving Mack. The Kree home works of Hala gets a mention! We get a glimpse of Bifrost, last seen on the big screen. 

But we get quite an ending; Hunter confronts Mack over whatever he and Bobbi are plotting. And gets knocked unconscious...

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