Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Grimm: Wesenrein

"I'm gonna looove watching you die!"

I'm genuinely at a loss as to what the subtext is here; obviously the Wesenrein are Neo-Nazis and their objection is to "miscegenation", but these are ideas that have no serious currency in 2015. It isn't that extreme racists don't exist, but only in a nihilistic sort of way. So I'm assuming there must be another subtext, possibly against a more insidious form of racism that's more worth discussing. But I can't see it.

Aside from Monroe's plight, though, this is where Wu finds out about Wesen, the reason behind Portland's weirdness, and the fact that he's actually been perfectly sane all the time. He seems to take it well, but there's an edge to Reggie Lee's performance that suggests a kind of suppressed unease. Wu will do fine for a few episodes, I think, but in the long run this will not end well. Certainly there's a sense of simmering resentment at Nick and Hank for lying to him for so long. And for that you can't really blame him. I'm a little worried about his extra layer of shock that the Captain is in on it.

Much of the rest of the episode is simply set-up, showing how nasty the Wesenrein are and how much trouble Monroe is in; this will pay off next episode, when Monroe will be "tried" and possibly impaled, like his poor cell-mate. So, good episode, but I'll leave it until next time to say more.

In other news, Juliette frets about how people will react to her new-found Hexenbeistliness. Frets to the point of a vivid dream sequence.

Oh, and Adalind and Prince Viktor are off to Portland? Good. About time they stopped trying to be dramatic in their little narrative cul-de-sac in Vienna and actually did something.

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